This Incredible Video Of Tigers Hunting A Drone Is Making Rounds Over The Internet For All The Right Reasons

Experts said the tigers were encouraged to chase the drone during the winter months in order to keep them active.

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A video of ‘chubby’ Siberian tigers chasing and taking down a drone, complete with a witty soundtrack is making headlines all over the internet. China Central Television, on Wednesday, published the video on YouTube.

The drone, operated by a human, was safely out of the tiger’s reach for a while until one of the tigers jumped and knocked it out of the sky. The tigers then pounced on the drone and promptly started to tear it apart in hopes of having a nice meal.

The location is confirmed to be Heilongjiang Province in China. The Heilongjiang is the home of Harbin Siberian Tiger Park. It's one of the two biggest tiger-breeding facilities in the country. The park is advertised as a tourist attraction, where visitors can offer meat and even live animals to the tigers.

After the tigers took down the drone and started tearing it apart, its battery malfunctioned and began to smoke. While such battery malfunctions can catch fire and even explode, in this case, thankfully, it didn’t.

This is another reminder to remember animal safety while using electronic gadgets and devices around them.  

Title image: istreetresearch

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