This Video Is An Eye Opener For Parents Who Force Their Daughter For Marriage

As soon as a girl turns 23, all her parents want is a stamp of marriage!

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As soon as a girl turns 23, the society gets concerned about her relationship status, and the only thing which you have to hear almost every day is, "Toh, beta settle kab ho rahe ho, now it’s high time to get married".

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And suddenly your parents hop into your life to convince you to get married, no matter how successful you are in your career. All they need is a stamp of marriage on you.

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Your parents are concerned about your wedding and this whole process starts from making your bio-data and without your approval sending it to marriage bureaus. 

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Not to forget, when the most lost relatives swiftly walk in, just to show their so called concern with a number of options with them.

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But what if, we tell you about parents who not only convinced their daughter for an arranged marriage but also find a perfect choice for the daughter after doing an actual research on it.

In a video by KARA Studios Presentation, the way her parents’ choose to convince their daughter for marriage is just hilarious.

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After watching this video we bet you all want your parents to be like them!  


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