Vehicle Thief Installed 25 CCTV Cameras At His Residence To Evade Cops

Sayyad particularly stole Sports Utility Vehicles (SUV), as it has a good demand in the used vehicles market.

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In order to keep a watch on the cops knocking on his door, a vehicle thief was found to have installed as many as 25 CCTV cameras at his residence in Buldhana district. The thief also had five exit points in his house to escape if the search teams of police reached the spot.

The suspect identified as Sayyad Shakil Sayyad Yusuf, alias Don (32), is a resident of Jawahar Nagar, Iqbal Chowk, in Buldhana. The police said that Sayyad used different aliases and was also a master in changing his looks.

Initially, Sayyad worked as an agent in the Regional Transport Office (RTO), Buldhana, for about three years. But later, he went on to become a high-profile vehicle thief, who was wanted by police teams from Navi Mumbai, Pune, Buldhana, Beed, Aurangabad, and Jalna districts.

Finally, Sayyad was arrested by the crime branch of Pune city police along with his accomplice, Mohammed Ejaz Jalaluddin Kazi of Aurangabad, from Juna Bazaar area last week. Moreover, three of his other accomplices Sayyad Imran, Abed Khan and Nazim Baig, have also been arrested from Aurangabad, police said.

Police said that Sayyad particularly stole Sports Utility Vehicles (SUV), Innova to be specific, as it has a good demand in the used vehicles market and private tourist business. He has admitted to his involvement in 12 vehicle thefts cases, including a case in which an Innova was stolen from Chinchwad area and sold in Hyderabad. Police have so far recovered two Innova cars from him from Aurangabad and Hyderabad.

Nitin Bhosale Patil, senior police inspector of crime branch said, “During searches at his house in Buldhana, we found he had installed 25 CCTV cameras at strategic locations. Sitting in his house, he used to watch people coming in and out on his television screen. There are five exit points in his house. If police searching for him reached his house, he used to see the police movement on CCTV and accordingly escape from one of the exit points,” reports The Indian Express.

Explaining how he used to steal the vehicles, police said that  Sayyad did online booking of private vehicles to go to places like Jalgaon and Jalna by submitting fake residential address. Then, after boarding the vehicle and traveling some distance, he would ask the driver to move out of the vehicle to buy a water bottle or food but would ask him to keep the air conditioner on. After the driver stepped out from the vehicle, Sayyad would take control of the steering and escape from the spot with the vehicle. He used his knowledge as an RTO agent to prepare documents required to sell the vehicles.

Information source: indianexpress

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