OMG! Varun Dhawan Finally Lets The World Know About His "Special Someone"

It is speculated that the two had sparks flying even before Varun made it to the silver screen.

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Ever since they made a few public appearances together, talks of Varun Dhawan dating Natasha Dalal started doing the rounds. Although he did not openly confess to dating her, media could see through their PDA and lunch and movie dates.

It is speculated that the two had sparks flying even before Varun made it to the silver screen.

But now in an interview, Varun let the cat out of the bag.


He said,   “Yes, I have and I haven’t hidden it that I have been in a relationship. I have just not spoken about it openly because the media sometimes makes different versions of it. Also, she is not from the film industry, so I try to protect her from the media. I am protecting my personal life because it is my sanity. When I am done shooting and I am home, that’s my reality, my reality check.”

And that was not all, he had thoughts on his marriage plans as well:

source: missmalini

“We have not thought that much ahead. Sometimes in life when you find someone that connects with you, everything else that you have thought about like the end of life, does not actually matter. Certain relationships give us that feel. There are certain connections, bonds that will pull you and make you do these things. And you will not do that for everyone.”

Natasha is a designer by profession and these two have been enjoying a steady relationship for the past few years now.

We cannot wait to see what more lies on the cards now!

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