OMG! Vampire Nostalgia! Celebrating 11 Years Of The Iconic Twilight Saga

The story that taught you that love could triumph everything, even bloodlust. Literally.

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She made you the secret bearer of the Cullens, she gave you the fairytale romance of Bella and Edward, she introduced you to a best friend in Jacob, she made you have college and squad goals…..she made TWILIGHT!

On 5 October 2005, Stephenie Meyer gave the world, what later became a revolution and a story every teen would want to live. Today, lets relive the best moments of this iconic creation. #vampirelove

1. It is a normal college day, Bella is sitting at the table, chit-chatting with her friends, and in walk the Cullen siblings! As her friend introduces her to all the Cullens she as well as you know that they are somebody to be careful of! But then walks in Edward!

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2. Days of rude ignorance pass by and then one fine rainy day this happens!

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3. And then she says this to her father, but little does she knows what lies ahead!

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4. The beach walk with Jacob where he reveals the stories of his ancestors and the rivalry with the Cullens.

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5. Her Knight In Shining Armour!

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6. She had her doubts, and now she knows it.

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7. Edward is a vampire, Bella is in love and you are glued to the story

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8. The home visit and her introduction to his world.

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9. The danger hovers over the ground as they play their game.

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10. The Evil Trio:

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11. Jacob’s concern:

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Happily ever after?

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Thank you Stephenie!

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