Cannot Deal With Valentine's Day? Here Are 7 Memes That Express You Best!

It's the season of spring and not the season of love, ****s!

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We are sure nobody needs an introduction to Valentine’s Day or the fact that it’s just around the corner. With the internet and streets going all red and pink right in your face, there’s no way you can escape the color of love. Heart shaped candies, red color balloons, I-love-you images on the internet and the likes of it has already gotten anti-Valentine’s day people like myself, sick in the stomach.

With all that cheesy and corny ways of expressing love, I feel like bashing the ‘big pink heart’ a la Jennifer Garner style of the movie ‘Valentine’s Day’. Also, can you imagine the amount of money each of these love-heads spend on this one day! I’d rather save it for National Pizza Day or World Nutella Day.

To make this ordeal bearable, we found you 7 memes that will make you go screaming ‘SAME’. We know you must already be tired of shouting ‘Get The F**k Off’, just like us!

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Here are those 7 memes that will crack you up!

1) The I-Love-Me Meme!

Okay, all the single ladies and men, line up! Queen Bey has been thought us how to be single and awesome. So let's pay a tribute to her and get into a pose-mode that will totally show the world that you love yourself first! Whassay?

2) My V-day: 15th February!

While the lovers are busy caressing each other, I'm here busy caring about all the candy that be on a discount sale on 15th February! Oh, what a joy to swipe the card on all the candy for JUST yourself!

3) Some Snap Love, Please?

If nothing, we are all getting a snap from Team Snapchat this Valentine's! Aren't these some gorgeous people who give away something without wanting anything in return? Now that's love!

4) Don't need a hug, give me a pug!

If you're going to make my day, make it with a pug and not a hug. There adorable AF, cute things teach you so much about love than your regular human being. So, I'm sold on the idea of dog love that any humans'. 

5) It's a date!

Yes, I have a date and it's goddard 14th of February 2018. Gettit? Like just another day at work and an evening of pensive 'What am I doing with my life' thoughts. Nothing fancy!

6) No Budget Burn!

Again, money can't buy you happiness! Then why spend on this day of love and bake-n-burn a hole in your pocket trying to impress your date? Seems legit, right?

7) Science and Logic, please stand up?

Love is not in the air! And who better than Sheldon Cooper telling us that! If only they'd have paid attention in their science class. Sigh!

We hope you found a temporary relief from the evergrowing Valentine's day nausea!

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