Valar Morghulis: A Definitive Ranking Of Game of Thrones Deaths In Season Six!

As the sixth season has come to an end We give you our ranking of those who were lost to the great cause of the Game of Thrones this season.

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As the sixth season has come to an end, we pay our rich tributes to all those who were murdered and killed, slaughtered and died, some who were martyred and missed! Unlike the earlier seasons we lost more blood in battle and strife rather than plotting and ploys! The gory game began right from Episode one with lesser deaths and slowly gained momentum towards the end! We give you our ranking of those who were lost to the great cause of the Game of Thrones this season, from deaths that made us go "Meh!" to deaths we are still trying to come to terms with, to deaths we actually cheered:

20. Balon Greyjoy

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Euron Greyjoy, his brother was introduced to the series and immediately murdered him. 

19. Doran Martell

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We saw Doran Martell and his son Trystane get the axe by Ellaria And the Red Viper’s daughters. The royal family was butchered at the hands of the infamous Sand Snakes, the group of women that some fans believe are the worst characters the series has produced yet.

18. Alliser Thorne

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Enraged by Jon entertaining Wildlings, this man plotted to kill Jon. But though he had no ulterior motive to become Lord Commander, he was served with death once Jon came back to life!

17. Shaggywolf



Rickon's direwolf Shaggydog was beheaded by the Umbers after their betrayal of the Stark family.

16. Osha

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Osha was a Stark loyalist but met with a gory death at the hands of Ramsay while trying to seduce-cum-kill him!

15. Summer

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The constant companion of the Stark brothers, Summer sacrificed himself and went down along with Hodor while protecting Bran.

14. Brother Ray


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Superstar Ian McShane showed up on the show surprising all, but his role was short-lived as he was hanged by the Brotherhood, only to be avenged by the Hound who made  a bloody comeback with axes and swords all the same!

13. Wun Wun

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Some heroes hold doors while others break them. The most beloved giant Wun Wun was mercilessly put down by Ramsay Bolton.

12. Lancel Lannister


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Stabbed by a little bird after he discovers the wildfire stash, Lancel tried to avert the oncoming catastrophe by extinguishing the slowly melting candle that would trigger the wildfire explosion but doesn’t make it in time and is burned to death. (Lancel’s father, uncle Kevan Lannister, whom we never got to know all that well, also dies in the explosion.)

11. Grand Maester Pycelle


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Qyburn’s child spies, the "little birds" who formerly worked for Varys stabbed him to death shortly before the wildfire explosion. We didn’t like him much anyway.

10. Mace and Loras Tyrell



The gay prince of Highgarden and his oafish-faced father Mace were amongst the many killed in the explosion at King’s Landing as they gathered in the Sept of Baelor for Cersei’s trial.

9. The Waif


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Murdered by Arya she received a well deserved death at the hands of the girl she tortured for the entire season!

8. High Sparrow


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The prime target of the explosion was the High Sparrow and the Faith Militant who were brutally avenged by Cersei for her Walk of Atonement and all other atrocities. Her  knowledge of the wildfire hidden beneath the Sept of Baelor proved to be her trump card. Another death we didn’t mind much.

7. Olly


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This long forgotten traitor who stabbed our favourite Jon was hanged to death with Jon showing no mercy, thinking from his head and not his heart for once in this case.

6. Margaery Tyrell



Margaery apparently failed to truly understand just how far Cersei would go to save her own skin till it was too late to save herself. She became a victim to the maniacal explosion that happened when the queen mother detonated a cache of magical wildfire hidden by the Mad King beneath the city long ago .

5. Walder Frey

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With Arya in full vengeance mode, Frey is her first target now that she is a trained murderer. Arya also murdered two of Walder Frey's sons and served them to him in a pie before cutting his throat and watching him bleed to death in front of her just like he had Catelyn Stark's throat slit at the Red Wedding.

4. Tommen Baratheon

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Tommen committed suicide by jumping out of a window, much like Jaime pushed Bran out a window at the end of season one. Not only that, but it also finalized a prophecy from the books that all of Cersei's children would die before her. Unexpected, but well! *sigh*

3. Rickon Stark


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It was a death our hearts jumped out at! Logic went South when Ramsay asked him to run North. As to why he didn’t run zigzag and avoid getting killed? Perhaps the producers were tired of entertaining a plotless character and so killed him ruthlessly, GoT style!

2. Hodor

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The most mourned death till now, Hodor was the heart of this season. “Some heroes wear capes while others hold doors” became the tagline for this season! We miss you Hodor!

1. Ramsay Bolton

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Jon might have left Ramsay alive, you know. His sense of honour is the kind that would always prevail, because he can’t imagine what Ramsay really is like since he hasn’t experienced it. Sansa has though. And she is not bound by foolish notions of honour. “My hounds will never harm me.” You fool. It’s a dog eat dog world. Of all people, you were the one who taught Sansa that. When Jon reclaimed Winterfell from this Bastard and Sansa let the dogs out on him, the world rejoiced at a death on GoT for once!


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Well we can hardly say ‘we’ll miss you’ for most of these characters! But thank you for keeping us intrigued throughout! After all, you did your parts justice all right!

Valar Dohaeris! All men must serve!

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