This Vaginal Alarm Clock Will Help Every Girl To Wake Up Early Morning!

This device is not a sex toy but just a helping hand to those who find difficult to wake up early.

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There is nothing in this world that can be compared to the awesome sleep you get early morning. One thing that we can concur with is our sheer hatred towards the buzz of alarm clocks that effortlessly try to wake you up, every morning.

But how would you escape if you get too close and get the clock attached to your body and that too on the vagina? Sounds creepy, right?

Source: hornetapp

This device that will vibrate you to the core and throw you out of the bed is named- Little Rooster and looks like a spatula that goes inside your underpants. The working mechanism of this rooster is pretty simple. It starts vibrating gently at first and a few minutes later the intensity of the vibration gets high. Way too high to bolt you from the comfy.

The machine allows you to adjust the level of intensity and gets easily adjusted under the pants.

Thinking to buy one or still planning to stick to your old ringing alarm clock?

Information source: curiousmindmagazine

Title image: thehealthsite

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