Researchers Invent Light-Printable Paper That You Can Erase And Reuse 80 Times

Once printed, the paper can retain the print for at least five days and then fades away.

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In their attempt to restrict environmental consequences of paper production, scientists from a US based university have developed a paper that can be printed with UV light, easily erased by heating and can be used more than 80 times.

Yadong Yin, a chemistry professor at the University of California along with his colleagues have invented this paper in an effort to help reduce the impacts of paper production on deforestation.

Source: dailymail

Yin in his discovery, created nanoparticles, with the help of titanium oxide, which is normally used in white wall paint and dye prussian blue (a dark blue color that is artificially made). This mixture is then applied on the normal paper.

After this coating is exposed to UV light, electrons from titanium oxide move to the dye in the nanoparticle which in turn, makes the blue dye turn white.

Source: dailymail

Yin in an interview said, “The greatest significance of our work is the development of a new class of solid-state photoreversible color-switching system to produce an ink-free light-printable rewritable paper that has the same feel and appearance as conventional paper, but can be printed and erased repeatedly without the need for additional ink.”

By focusing the UV light into shapes, white words can be printed on a blue background and blue words on a white background, which are trouble-free to read.

Furthermore, the light-printable paper can be erased by heating the paper to 120 degree Celsius (250 degree Fahrenheit) for ten minutes. If left alone for five days, the paper changes back to its original state.

This light-printable paper is not only an ink-free paper that can be printed with UV light, but, the researchers say it’s less expensive than conventional paper because, it uses cheap and readily available chemicals which makes it more likely to become a commercial product.

“Our work is believed to have enormous economic and environmental merits to modern society”, Yin further added.

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