Usain Bolt Outside His Many Winnings: Some Lesser Known Things

Usain Bolt has just had a fairy tale end to his career with 9 gold medals in 3 Olympics. Bolt breathed new life by his awe-inspiring running.

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He has just had a fairy tale end to his career with 9 gold medals in 3 Olympics. Whether it be setting multiple record or entertaining the crowd with his statements, Bolt has reigned supreme. But besides this, what else is there? Lets try to find out!

1. Unusual body structure

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One might think that his height helps him win, but it, infact, holds him back. Being too tall slows you down and Usain Bolt stands at 6 feet 5. He also does not have the usual body shape for a sprinter. Imagine how fast he could have run had he been gifted a perfect body. Makes his records stand out even more, doesn’t it?

2. Humble background

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Bolt’s parents ran a grocery store. He was raised in a humble background and loved sports right from his childhood. His tryst with running came a lot later when his coach spotted him playing cricket and thought his talents would of use somewhere else. There began his journey to greatness.

3. Gaming

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Outside of the track, one of the things he enjoys is video game Call of Duty. He says he stays up at night playing the game online as he “can’t help it”.

4. A dying sport

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Before Bolt came and captured the hearts of many, sprinting, for many, was a dying sport. The previous great was perhaps Michael Johnson, whose records Bolt broke on his way to greatness. Bolt breathed new life by his awe-inspiring running and his off-the-field antics.

5. Giving something back

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Usain Bolt earns about $30 million per year out of which a significant amount goes out to his foundation. The Usain Bolt foundation aims to provide education and facilities to the underprivileged and visits schools and camps to make donations.

6. Pranks

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Even his coach gets irritated by it as Bolt doesn’t spare anyone. After he started training for sprint events, the only things getting in his way were his lack of dedication and the constants pranks he played on others. Perhaps he just hates boring stuff.

7. Defeat

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Bolt has had to taste defeat at the hands of two men: Yohan Blake and Justin Gatlin. The first defeat came in 2012 Jamaican Olympic Trials while the second at Diamond League meet in Rome in 2013. These two men can retire knowing for once in their lifetime, they beat the legend.

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