Now Donald Trump's Team Is Enraged At "Amazing" Pakistan's Press Statement

Now Donald Trump's Team Is Enraged At "Amazing" Pakistan's Press Statement

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Pakistan yesterday released a press statement about conversation between Trump and Sharif which raised many eyebrows across the world.

But Now the transition team of Mr. Trump has expressed their displeasure about the nature of the statement that was released and has issued it’s own version. It lacked the “flowery language” that was there in the Pakistani press release and stated that the two leaders had ‘productive conversation’.

An unidentified member from the trum camp stated that the press release “committed the president-elect to more than what he meant”, while other members in Trump team stated that Pakistanis overplayed Mr. Trump’s offer to play role in India-Pakistan issues.

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Ari Fleischer, former White House press secretary was more blunt with his comments and said to the US media, “It’s entirely inappropriate for the Pakistani government to release what an American president-elect says in the course of a phone call”. He continued, “We would never release what a foreign leader said to (ex-president) George W. Bush. We would talk about what George W. Bush said. But to release what somebody else says, I am not the spokesperson for Pakistan or any other nation”.

Mr. Fleischer, was in former US president George Bush’s White House team and is presently working with the Trump camp. He added, “So, for them to do it is an entire breach of diplomatic protocol and tradition. And if they had done that to me, I would be on the phone right now with their press secretary, chewing him out. The ambassador would be on the phone with their ambassador, chewing the ambassador out. And up and down the chain.”.

Several US media organisations have criticised Pakistan for releasing the conversation and agrees with Mr. Fleischer that the move was inappropriate and improper.

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