Laptops And Internet Connection Trim Down The Dropout Rate In Uttar Pradesh Madrasas

The students now participate whole-heartedly and actively, according to the teachers and officials of the Madrasas.

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Technological development has been a boon in the recent decade. One might want to argue that it is also a bane but the debate still goes in favour of the benefits. Adding to numerous instances out there is the the latest survey where it was found that the introduction of laptops in UP Madrasas has indeed reduced the rate of dropouts.

The survey found that availability of a laptop device and an internet connection has altered the method of imbibing education in various Madrasas across Uttar Pradesh. The students now participate whole-heartedly and actively, according to the teachers and officials of the Madrasas.

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A Barabanki-based Madrasa, Noorul Makatib had seen a drop in the rate of students continuing their education. But as soon as six internet-connected laptops were made available, the dropout rate reduced marginally. The facility was made available in 2014 as a part of Tata Trusts’ Technology in Education (TiE) initiative.

Madrasa head, Mahmud-ul-Haque said, “Earlier, we had to persuade students to come to school but now they eagerly attend classes. It is heartening to see the way technology is being used by students.” The laptops can be used by students of Class 4 and above for subjects like History, Geography, Dietary Components and to know more about the contribution of noted personalities.

The officials have ensured proper internal controls are in place to devoid the children of any access to social networking sites. “Exposure to internet has connected the students to the outside world. It has made them feel that they are at par with students from metro cities,” Haque added.

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For 15-year-old Kaneez Waris, this initiative was a dream come true. “We had never seen a computer till 2014 and then we were asked to work on laptops. We work together in a group and try to use it to work out mathematical problems,” said Kaneez.

Not only did the dropout rate fall, the enrollment at the institution also increased by a good 20% after the launch of this provision, said Mohd Naseer-ul-Haque Ansari of Katra’s Madarsa Ansar-ul-Uloom.

“I have not even used a mobile phone in my life but the laptops at madrasa have opened a new world for me. I can now use it to do calculations, make weather charts and even learn English. There were so many places I had only heard about and now I can see their pictures videos,” said Sumbul Jahan, a student of Madarsa Noorul Makatib.

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