Meet The Unluckiest Lottery Winners Of The World

Winning a lottery does not set you up for the rest of your life.What about the unlucky ones?

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Winning a lottery does not set you up for the rest of your life. Hitting the jackpot is all based on odds and sheer luck. Lady luck can only help so much, and after that you must use your brains to manage the treasure. Some forums suggest that 70% of the winners tend to go bankrupt, while others tend to disagree. What about the unlucky ones?

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We don’t know the odds and quite frankly, it is damn near impossible to figure out how many winners went bankrupt. What we have here, are some crazy stories of the unluckiest lottery jackpot winners.

1. The man on a holiday

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Hung Nguyen, where to even begin with this guy? Hung bought a Powerball lottery ticket, that won him the jackpot amount of 1 million dollars. Hung was in Vietnam at the time and he was oblivious about the gold he had just struck by spending 2$. He only discovered it, after he returned to the US from his vacation.  

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Hung’s face was over the city and lottery company finally found their missing winner. Hung was declared the winner by tracking him down in the video of the ticket purchase. He failed to reproduce it at the time to collect his winnings. Rules being rules, without the actual ticket, winnings are deemed void. Hung- a mechanic by his profession with a newborn baby- lost the jackpot amount, due to the loss of ticket.  

2. No getting away with that

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A woman named Denise Rossi was not happy with her married life in which she was stuck. Her life changed dramatically when she got the news of her jackpot lottery winnings of $1.3 million. She decided to limit that information to herself and filed for divorce. Rossi’s husband saw it as a rather bold move, but he obliged to her demands anyway.

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Rossi was one unlucky girl because it did not end the way she thought it would. Her husband soon found out about her winnings and sued her for holding information back. She did not win the case and was ordered to give the entire sum of 1.3 million to her husband. The law is a thing of beauty, isn’t it?

3. 27 seconds and 7-year long ordeal

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Joel Ifergan is a Canadian citizen who bought two tickets from a local store. Out of the 2 tickets, the second one bore the numbers to the jackpot amount of $27 million. However, he could not win the prize. The tickets were bought a few minutes prior to the deadline, which caused him to register them 27 seconds late. The company deemed it void and Joel got angry.

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He decided to sue the company for this grave injustice and fought a long legal battle of 7 years against the lottery company- only to see the court rule it in the favour of the company. 27 seconds and 7-year long legal battle that involved heavy expenditure, submerged him under considerable legal bills which could not be paid by way of the winnings.

4. The case of probation law

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Timothy Elliott won a million dollars but the amount was never given to him. Apparently, Timothy was serving a probation for a crime he previously committed that involved lottery tickets. He broke into a store and took all the cash away with him, only to use it to buy every ticket that the other store had. He did not win anything but he did get caught and was thrown in jail.

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Timothy’s extensive history of mental illness saw his sentencing getting slashed down. He was let out on probation, during which time he bought himself the  ticket, that won him the million dollars. The laws of probation  clearly prohibits convicts from leaving the country, consuming alcohol, drugs and even from gambling. Lottery tickets land in the category of gambling, and that saw him ending up in a jail instead of revealing in the jackpot amount.

5. Unluckiest or luckiest man in the world

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The question is up for debate and it is up for you to decide whether this man is luckiest or unluckiest in the world. Croatian music teacher Frane Selak’s life was full of ups and downs, we are not even using it as a metaphor in this case. Frane Selak is a trouble magnet and no matter what he does, trouble always finds him one way or the other. In 1960, the train Frane Selak was on, derailed into an icy pit. Selak suffered no injuries.

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In this same year, the airplane he was in, saw its door getting ripped out that sucked 19 passengers out with it, including Selak. Selak managed to survive that as well, as he fell into a pile of hay. He suffered no damage. In 1970 and ‘73 his cars exploded on him but he was never harmed. 20 years,  later he got struck by a bus but survived and in 1996 he was forced to drive off a cliff to avoid an accident, but the seemingly impossible to kill Selak survived even that. It was in 2003 that Frane Selak’s bad luck spree came to end, as he won a million dollars in a lottery.

6. A millionaire no more

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Andrew Jack Whittaker was president of a company worth 17 million dollars. Adding to his wealth, Andrew won the Powerball jackpot prize of 315 million dollars.  He decided to share the wealth with the people, instead of keeping it with him. He donated 10% of his wealth to Christian charities and even bought an expensive house and car for the girl who sold him the ticket. He even gave her $50,000 in cash. He started the Jack Whittaker Foundation and another $14 Million in it.


However, his good deeds brought nothing but misery in his life. A series of unfortunate events struck and flipped his life upside down. Andrew’s bank accounts got looted on multiple occasions, his cars got wrecked and even lost his granddaughter to a drug overdose, followed by the death of his daughter several years later. Whittaker now has lost most of his wealth and has become an alcoholic.

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