These Unique Pool Floats Are What Perfect Summers Are Made Of

Beat the heat in style!

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Summer is upon us and most Indians would agree with me when I say summers here are not very pleasant. So, what do you do when the temperature is soaring? Laze around in your house? What if we told you there’s a cooler (literal and metaphorical) way to laze around?

Imagine yourself chilling with an iced tea or a cocktail in a nice pool. Isn’t that a great way to beat the heat?

No, I have not lost my mind because of the heat, I just came across these really unique pool floats, and I am in love with them.

Trust me, when you see them, the only thing you’d want to do is go and relax in a pool with these amazing pool floats.

Say hello to this cute cactus pool float!

An avocado? looks good to me as long as it's in the pool!

You know, for that tropical vibe!

It can't get better than this!

Why not!

Because chill in the pool is more fun with a bunch of friends!

Looks like a comfortable float to me!

Eat a doughnut while you sit in one!

Oooh, a convertible! Gives the LA vibes!

It's like comfort on a float!

Wine is always a good idea!

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