These Unique Models Will Make You Realize That Beauty Isn't Just Of One Kind

Beauty just stepped outside the box.

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“There is no greater disability in society, than the inability to see a person as more.”

                                                        -Robert Hansel

They are expected to be frame perfect and epitome of all beauties. They are expected to walk tall on runways introducing the fashion world the latest trends and collection, they are aptly called “Models”.

Well, just when you decide to stretch outside the stereotypical horizon of these people, you will see the other group of people who celebrate their beauty in their own unique style.

Wish to broaden your perspective? Here we go:

Winnie Harlow:

This Canadian model rocks the runway with her unique skin condition. This skin condition is called vitiligo and is the same condition Michael Jackson was believed to suffer from.

Winnie has been ruling the fashion world with this novel ability of her and was also a participant at Tyra Bank’s America’s Next Top Model.

source: twitter

Caitin Stickels:

What seem like a deformity to you, is actually the reason for Caitin to make it to the top in the industry. Meet the model with the cat-eye syndrome.

source: pikore

Bezgraniz Couture:

For creativity just stepped outside the box! Missing legs and arms, Down Syndrome were amongst a few abilities of the models who walked the runway for this couture.

source: zhiboxs

source: lafw

Khoudia Diop:

With ebony dark, spotless skin tone she easily stands out amongst other models.

 source: africancelebs

Jillian Mercado:

For where there is a “wheel” there is a way. She’s a style icon in the disability community and beyond, a wheelchair user, and a professional model.

 source: vagabomb

Laxmi Agarwal:

She was just 15 when she refused to marry the 32 year old man who later attacked her with acid. Today at 27, she walks the runway celebrating her endurance.


Title image source:theguardian , lafw

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