A Photo Journey Of UK’s Tan Hill Inn Which Has Now Went For Sale At ₹7.6 Crore

Venture to this pub and you’ll realize the feel of stepping into a paradise.

Tan Hill Inn, UK, Yokshire

While you’re busy exploring new pubs and bars in your vicinity, there exist pubs in the world that you are unaware of but are the best pub to visit on this planet.

One such pub in Tan Hill Inn, a 17th-century pub which is now holding the record for being the highest pub in the UK  which is going on sale for £900,000 that nearly stands for ₹7.6 crore according to Indian rupees.

Source: facebook

Situated at 1,732 feet above sea level, Tan Hill Inn in Swaledale, North Yorkshire was named as the highest in the UK by the Guinness Book of World Records back in the year of 1976.

But with time, things get old and have to let go off from you. Hence while talking about her baby Tan Hill Inn, the owner of the pub told local media,

It’s like having a child. You love it and nurture it, then it’s time for them to move on and you wish them all the best. You cannot love Tan Hill. You cannot miss it, you really can’t. It’s in your blood. But I still have to say ‘cheerio’ and let someone else take it on to the next level.

She further said,

It needs a nice family network, it’s a fantastic place, it needs a family that can pass it on to the next generation. It warms your cockles, it’s an amazing place.

Regular Pub as it may sound, but look at it and you’ll realize the beauty that hides beneath:

Hues of purple and blue that’ll just blow your mind

A stretch of blended colors

Over casted skyline over the green fields

When it’s the time to collect the snowflakes

A perfect time to relax amidst the grass

Shimmering stars sprawled over the top

Information source: theguardian, inshorts

All images: facebook

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