Udta Punjab Review: Watch It Only For Shahid & Alia

Udta Punjab Review: Watch It Only For Shahid & Alia

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After winning a case in the Supreme Court against Punjab MLAs, Udta Punjab found itself in a new controversy- the uncensored footage was leaked and before its release the movie was available on various online movie sites.

The audience, however, showed solidarity with the filmmakers and preferred to watch it in theatres rather than their laptops. We can say that this is a huge success for the Udta Punjab team. 


Udta Punjab is a hard hitting emotional drama, and it deserves to be complimented for its amazing storytelling and superb performances, especially by Shahid Kapoor and Alia Bhatt.

A rockstar who is a drug addict, a doctor and a cop are pitted against the rampant drug abuse problem in Punjab. Then comes a young migrant girl whose life takes a turn when a packet of heroin literally falls into her lap from the sky as it is being lobbed into India from across the border. Eventually, these three stories converge and what happens next it for you to check out in theatres.

Amit Trivedi’s music and Abhishek Chaubey’s vision have given life to Udta Punjab. We hope it is a big hit in theatres.

Let’s check out the ratings from other sources for Udta Punjab:

Indian Express (3/5)- First off, is Udta Punjab worth all the fuss? I’d say, absolutely. Not because it is a perfect film. It has flaws. But this is the kind of film that has something to say, and it says it with both flair and conviction.

NDTV Movies (4/5)- The liberal use of cuss words may be too grating for some ears. Udta Punjab is not family entertainment, but it is an undeniably magnificent - and purposeful - commercial Hindi film. Do not miss it.

Times of India (4/5)- Chaubey uses a part-documentary-part-mainstream approach here. Post interval, the film is sometimes too indulgent and sluggish. Also this is not your sunny-side up cinema.

Deccan Chronicle (4/5)- The hard realities of how drugs are smuggled from across the border, and people running this business is what Abhishek brings to light.

Whoaa! The weekend definitely needs to be planned around this movie!

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