Uber Is Hiring! For Which Post? The Humble CEO!

The cab aggregator is looking for its next CEO after Travis Kalanick's exit.

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The candidate must be willing to fix a broken culture, deal with an aggressive predecessor, battle a risky lawsuit and prepare the company for an initial public offering too! Self-starters preferred.

That’s right, you just read the hiring pitch of Uber to the potential candidates out there who will be replacing Travis Kalanick, the cab- aggregator company’s co-founder who was driven out from the top spot last month. In short, the contender is to ready himself for a thankless job!

 Source: techstory

You might be wondering who would want to get themselves at the helm of this sinking ship. Turns out, quite a lot of people actually!

The company has received numerous responses of people from different spheres, interest and geography wise. Uber’s board even interviewed quite a few of them. It is fairly remarkable that despite a series of scandal that shook Uber lately, the competition for the chief executive position is rather strong, says an inside source.

Amongst those who are being considered are, Susan Wojcicki, who leads YouTube. Others include Adam Bain, Twitter’s former chief operating officer; David Cush, a former chief executive at Virgin America; the former Yahoo chief executive Marissa Mayer; and Thomas Staggs, a former chief operating officer at Disney, according to people familiar with the search. It was unclear what level of interest if any, these executives had expressed in the Uber job. Others, like the former Google sales executive Nikesh Arora, have been quietly advancing themselves for the position, according to sources.

This is a golden opportunity for the applicants to shepherd the company which operates in 80 countries and rakes in a billion of dollars each quarter, despite the trying times.

The chance of having an impact is high. Any changes and operational moves brought about by a new chief would affect millions of people globally, not to mention Uber’s work force of more than 15,000 employees and hundreds of thousands of contract drivers.

Source: nytimes

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