Typical Things That Only Indians Can Relate To

Indians have always been a little too different from the people around the world.Be it our education or our vast culture,we enlisted these things.

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Indians have always been a little too different from the people around the world. Be it our education or our vast culture, we have been known for our authenticity and our national pride. While we cherish our uniqueness, we enlisted these things that you would relate to, only if you are a true Indian.

1. Every other person is Uncle/Aunty irrespective of the relation

Be it our dad’s brother or be it our neighbor, we call them all uncle/aunty.

2. The candies in the place of coins

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Whenever we buy something, the uncle behind the counter won’t give us change, he’ll give us candies considering that we are little kids who love chocolates.

3. Medical ya Engineering?

Even before the birth, the parents decide the future of their kids. It can either be medical stream or engineering. There’s no other option. And when we grow up, all our uncles and aunties ask us this patent question, ‘Beta, doctor banoge ya engineering karoge?’ as if all the other fields are non-existent.

4. The use of the word ‘xerox’ and not photocopy

Xerox is a U.S. based company which first introduced photocopying machines in India. It is not a synonym for photocopy. But in India, if you want photocopies, you say you want a Xerox and not the other way round. Because, well, it’s India.

5. The extra papdi after panipuri

We all have done that. Pani-puri is simply incomplete without a papdi right after it. Even though the pani-puri wala has given us enough to fill our tummies, there is alway some space for that one extra papdi.

6. The extra polythene

Be it Haldiram’s or some local supermarket, your mom will have a bunch of all the polythene bags kept in different places of your house, I promise you.

7. Free dhaniya/green chilies after buying vegetables

After every vegetable shopping from different vegetable vendor, it is mandatory to ask for free dhaniya or free green chilies. If one doesn’t do that, I question their nationality.

8. Tu jaanta nahi mera baap kaun hai?

Even if that guy is some guy that nobody knows, he is going to pretend like he’s a famous personality or his dad is a politician and act as if you are supposed to know him. But,

9. Light chali gayi

Instead of a power cut, we say light chali gayi, which literally means light is gone.

10. The Indian punctuality

The Indians are very punctual (Just saying). If the party starts around 7, they would say they would come at 9 and when they really come, the clock strikes 10:30 and it is so usual that even the bride and groom walk in at around 9 o'clock in their own party. How awesome is that?

11. The art of Jugaad

The incomparable skill of jugaad which goes till that extent that nobody can beat Indians.

Enough said.

12. Most precious location on guys’ PC


13. Sharmaji ka ladka

Every neighbourhood has a sharmaji ka ladaka. He invariably performs better than you (atleast in the minds of your parents)

14. Getting friendzoned

All hot girls in college have boyfriends and most of them will not reveal it. But, they will friendzone all the boys after effectively using them.

15. Driving with highbeam

As we do not have long vision, we drive all the vehicles on highbeam! FTW!

Proud to be an Indian.


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