10 Types Of Glassware That You See Everyday But Aren’t Aware Of Their Specific Names!

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Do you find yourself in a difficult situation, when it comes to purchasing glassware in a cutlery shop? Well, we assume that a lot of times you must have enacted on the appearance of the glass you’ve thought in your mind.

As, the world of food and beverages are evolving by leaps and bounds, every nuance related to food and drink, counts. Same goes with the cutlery that is the huge part of this culinary world.

Every glassware you see on a daily basis serves a purpose and hence to enlighten you on this, we’ve listed out 10 types of glassware that you know them by the structure but aren’t aware of their name and their purpose.

1. Cooler

Found in every home, this regular glass’s purpose is to serve welcome drinks or appetizers.

2. Martini

Used to serve cocktails, this magnificent glass goes with the standard garnishing of olive or lemon twist.

3. Tumbler

Fat as it looks; this glassware is a flat-bottomed drinking glass that is normally topped with ice-cubes.

4. Flute

Tall, thin and beautiful; flute is mainly used to serve champagne.

5. Margarita

That curvaceous body of the goblet with a wide round dish-like cup is normally used to serve cocktail, mocktail or sorbet.

6. Pilsner

Gracefully shaped tall glass, pilsners are used for serving cold coffee, iced tea, juices, and beer.

7. Goblet:

Usually seen with a stem, the goblets with the stem are used to serve wines and brandy while non-footed version (without stem) is used to serve whiskey.

8. Shot

Tiny, short, cute looking glasses; needless to say, serves fermented or distilled alcohol that can be consumed directly.

9. Snifter

Round shape bottom with a small stem is used to serve spirits.

10. Mason Jar

This trending, beautiful looking jars serves juices and shakes; with the magnificent lid on the jar standouts amongst all the other glassware.

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