Two Kannada Actors Missing During The Shoot

The two jumped in a lake from a helicopter.

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Two stuntmen and actors are feared to be drowned in a lake during a stunt, which went horribly wrong.  The actors went missing after jumping from the helicopter into a lake in the outskirts of the Ramanagara city in Bengarulu, during the shoot of ‘Masti Gudi’ on monday afternoon.

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The two stuntmen Anil (31) and Uday (28) were followed by the lead actor Duniya Vijay. The rescue team was able to save Duniya Vijay, but Anil and Uday were not found during the search and are presumed to be drowned in the lake. The search operations went on till late evening.

The mishap took place in the afternoon at around 02:45 pm while shooting the climax scene of the film in Thippagondanahalli reservoir.

Reports say “After the jump Anil was nowhere to be seen but Uday was found struggling to swim before he drowned. According to the sources, the Bengluru Water Supply and Sewage Board (BWSSB) had allowed the crew to shoot near by the reservoir but no permission was given to fly a helicopter and jump into the lake.

In their last interview with a private news channel Anil had said, "I know a little swimming but I'm jumping from a height for the first time. So I'm a bit nervous. I'm not sure what will happen. I've only swum in a well where you reach the edge after two or three strokes. That's all the swimming I know. I've never had practice of swimming a length of 30ft or 60 ft."

"First of all, it is scary. I have not seen anyone do something similar. I am not good at swimming. I can manage to come out of the water. I know 50% swimming. I have not jumped from a height before, but we have to get over fear and do it anyway . They have made all arrangements and said they will pull me out once I jump into the water. Vijay is there. The three of us will just jump. That's all I know. The rest is up to God," Uday had added.

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