Twitterati Stands In Support Of Hrithik With #HadAffairWithHrithik In The Most Hilarious Way!

Kachchaa nahin kuchh bhi pakkaa nahin kuchh bhi, hotaa hai jo kuchh bhi sab khel hai!

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By now, we’ve honestly reached the peak level of annoyance watching the ugly battle between Kangana Ranaut and Hrithik Roshan. The war seems to be endless and with the involvement of scrap stories and unwanted twists, the saga has become more or less like- Ekta Kapoor directed Hindi serials.

But thanks to Twitterati who gave this monotonous saga, a new twist of comedy. Apparently when Kanagana’s sister Rangoli posted a photo of Kanagana and Hritik together as a proof of their ‘affair’, the fans went in to the state of denial. A single picture cannot be strong evidence to prove a 7-year-long relationship.

To offend this many people jumped in to take the jibe on Rangoli’s photo.

Some deliberately photoshopped the image to mock her while some posted original photographs of Hrithik with his friends and acquaintances under the hashtag-  #HadAffairWithHrithik.

Laugh for a while as you see many creative brains who came up with the support of Hrithik Roshan

The magical (jaadui) bond!

Jabra fan moment!

Hrithik calling Hrithik!

What would you say about this?

Sadly, the statue can’t give furthermore expression!

Affair with Michael Jackson, yes of course!

Halo on the top and Paris at the bay!

Yenna Rascala! Did I just see Rajnikant?

Information source: indianexpress

Title image: idiva

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