Twitterati Erupts As Rahul Gandhi Claims To Bring An ‘Earthquake’ If He Speaks In Parliament

Remember the "escape velocity" comment? He is back at it again!

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It seems highly impossible to keep Rahul Gandhi out of the news these days, as the politician is out again making bold and baseless statements about his opposition by slamming the implementation of "Demonetization" plan.

This time around, Rahul Gandhi claimed that an "earthquake" will occur if he is allowed to speak about Demonetization in Parliament. According to Rahul, he is not being allowed to speak in the parliament. While the winter session has almost been a washout due to disruption by the opposition, one wonders who is stopping Rahul Gandhi from speaking in the parliament.

“Ye Hindustan ki history ka sabse bada scam hai…main Lok Sabha mein bolna chahta hoon. Wahan sab bataonga (This is the biggest scam in the history of India. I want to speak in Lok Sabha. I will tell everything there). If they allow me to speak in parliament, you will see what an earthquake is going to come.”

After his hilarious statement, twitter erupted by mocking and jeering the politician over his hysterical remarks.

Enjoy the tweets below:











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