Twitter To Suspend Your Account If Caught Trolling, Rules To Get Applied From Dec- 18th

It is said that Twitter will also monitor users affiliations, offline.

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Do you belong to the clan of people who trolls and abuses?


As per the new rules set by Twitter, anyone who is sound abusing and trolling will end up getting his/her account suspended. The rules will come into effect from 18 December.

The food for thought got triggered looking at the rise in population of trolls and abuses.

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While Twitter is known as a platform that promotes free speech it absolutely doesn’t give anyone the authority to rant one’s opinion and pass shameful comment. This is actually the part of Twitter’s new Hateful Conduct Policy.

But if you are unyielding and cannot just stop blabbering out, then Twitter will ask you to delete your inappropriate content before you can post anything again also it might push your account in danger by suspending it temporarily.

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Following are the things that will violate the rules set by Twitter:

Intellectual property theft, showing graphic or adult content, squatting on usernames or misusing Twitter badges, like displaying fake verified profiles and playing with the blue tick by applying your photoshop skills.

Beware! If you indulge in such activities, now is the time to give it a full-stop.

Information source: thequint

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