Twitter Reacts On Guy Wearing 'Bhenc**d' T-shirt Gifted By Girlfriend

We’re only hoping the Twitter user told the poor fellow what it actually meant.

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Fuck ups happen. Period.

I mean, we’ve all heard of people getting drunk, walking into tattoo parlors and getting themselves inked ‘Exit’ or ‘Turn Tape Over’ instead of the ‘Destiny’ and ‘Hope’ that they’d thought when they were in the best minds.

But, you know you’re royally screwed when your ex-girlfriend gives you a cutesy white tee with something written on that could either be an acronym or be mean something else (read: embarrassing) in another language.

Recently, a picture of this guy was seen doing rounds on Twitter wearing the t-shirt. When this Twitter user stopped this guy to ask if he knows what it means, this bloke innocently said it meant ‘I love you’.

It would have been the cutest thing if it was true, but unfortunately ‘BHENCHOD’ does not mean that, or anything close for that matter.

‘Sister fucker’ is the rough translation of this word which is believed to be of the Punjabi origin.

Sweet (Jesus).

The guy may be left with a confounded look but it sure did provide the tweeple with a good laugh.



We’re only hoping the Twitter user told the poor fellow what it actually meant instead of laughing out loud like we all did.

But thankfully, this guy has the option of taking off the t-shirt and pretending it never happened, unlike the one who got drunk and tattooed ‘I’m stupid’ on his forehead. Sigh!

Information source: ladbible

Title image source: scoopwhoop

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