Twitter Reacts On Rajasthan HC’s Suggestion To Declare Cow As National Animal

The court further suggested that anyone guilty of cow slaughter should be sentenced to life.

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Rajasthan High Court on Wednesday recommended the central and state governments to declare the cow as India’s national animal and also suggested that punishment in the state for cow slaughter be increased from the current three years imprisonment to a life term.

“It is expected from the government that it should declare cow as national animal and for this purpose, the chief secretary and advocate general of the state are declared legal custodians of the cow,” the High Court Judge, Justice Mahesh Chand Sharma said in a statement.

The petition comes at a time when a number of states from the country are protesting the government's decision to impose a ban on cow slaughter.

However, our folks on the social networking site seemed to have a ‘difference of opinion’. While many supported the suggestion given by the court, some had their creative minds at work. Take a look:

Some supported the court's decision:

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