20 Pictures Of Girls Going To School From All Over The World That Will Leave You Feeling Good

As of today, 65 million girls are still not in school.

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While the notion that every child should be educated is being adopted largely, there is still a dearth in the number of young girls and women who make it to the doorsteps of a school.

It is unfortunate that even in today's progressive times, females, who comprise of half of the world’s population, are deprived of the opportunity of education and schooling.

About a 65 million girls are unschooled. There are about 774 illiterate people in the world currently, out of which two-thirds are women. As compared to boys, there are 33 million less girls in the primary school. The numbers just don’t stop overwhelming.

Education and a proper one at that, saves lives. A woman who is equipped with primary and secondary education would contribute in reducing the childhood deaths by half.

In order to bring about awareness and the mark this year’s ‘International Women’s Day’, 20 photos have been compiled to show a glimpse of the girls going to school all around the world.

Girls from different parts of the world and different ages are fighting all odds to get education. Quite a lot of these pictures are from troubled countries or countries caught in war-like situation. But that does not deter the enthusiasm of the girls even by an iota.

Thus proving that it is indeed a fundamental right of every girl child to be educated.


Let's take a look:

1) Yemen


2) Syria


3) Phillipines


4) Iraq


5) Brazil


6) South Africa


7) Ethopia


8) Afghanistan


9) Haiti


10) Kenya


11) Morocco


12) Central African Republic


13) Ecquador


14) Bangladesh


15) Cuba


16) China


17) Indonesia


18) Pakistan


19) Gaza


20) Ghana


Images & information source: huffingtonpost

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