TVF’s Arranged Dating: See How Far Indian Parents Go To Fix Up Their Monus And Bittus!

TVF QTIYAPA at its best again.Checkout Most weird reason of getting married.Also get some lessons of dating from universal papa of this funny episode.

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Arey yarr papa ye kya reason hua shaadi karne ka?

Kyuki big billion sale hai!

While parents give weird reasons ranging from bhindi to chocolates, the millennials are at a loss of words as parents try to set them up on arranged dates.

And the sale is to satisfy the wants of the ever demanding arey-beta-kaise-ho relatives who have some extra interest in your wedding.

And hey, don’t miss out on the Madhushala and wait for tonight tips from the embarrassing buaji and the candlelight dinner ideas from the shady Brijmohan chacha!

And only when the evening is going fine, your date says she hates bhindi!

What next?

Watch this latest crazy video here!

TVF's How To Train Your Son - Arranged Dating

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