TVF Creative Director Nidhi Bisht's Clarification On Arunabh Kumar’s Case

TVF CEO and founder Arunabh Kumar was arrested by the Mumbai Police on Saturday on the charge of sexual harassment but was released later the same day.

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From last one month, the news of TVF employee's alleged harassment by founder Arunabh Kumar was trending everywhere. A few days back the news of Arunabh’s arrest and then being released also became a hot topic of debate. Now adding more to the story, lawyer-turned-filmmaker and actress Nidhi Bisht, creative director at TVF shared a mail with the company’s 200 employees which contain 70 women stating that no TVF employee had alleged harassment by Arunabh Kumar.

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Nidhi also took to her Facebook page to share the same mail stating, "I had shared a personal note with a closed group at #TVF; which was selectively sliced by media. Sharing the whole text here for a balanced view."

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She wrote a huge clarification and compared the whole incident with an episode of British sci-fi TV series `Black Mirror'.

“I hope you understand I've been very busy with the edit of `Bisht, Please!' The past one month has been really stressful for me and everyone at TVF. I had assumed that people will believe the conviction of a real person over a fake anonymous blog. But trolls on social media proved me wrong"

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“A month down the line, neither does the original blog post exist nor has the person behind it (if real) come out to file a complaint. Not one single employee at TVF has alleged harassment against Arunabh. Did anyone bother to ask us, the real women at TVF, what we believe, having breathed the TVF culture day in and day out," Nidhi asked.

Here is what Nidhi had to say about the whole incident.

I had shared a personal note with a closed group at #TVF; which was selectively sliced by media. Sharing the whole text...

Nidhi Bisht 发布于 2017年4月25日

Here is one of Nidhi's old posts defending Arunabh:

Over the last few hours, a lot of things have been said about the 'TVF culture'. Let me share my side here. Personally,...

Nidhi Bisht 发布于 2017年3月13日

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