“Tu Sindhi Hai Isliye Kanjus Hai” And Other Myths About Sindhis That Need To Be Broken Now!

The Sindhi community has often been the butt of many jokes for their accent, their thinking, their miserliness and what not.Sindhis are a victim to widespread

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The Sindhi community has often been the butt of many jokes for their accent, their thinking, their miserliness and what not. Sindhis are a victim to widespread stereotyping, and their portrayal in Bollywood movies has not helped their case either! It is high time these stereotypes were broken and we all understood what being Sindhi really means. Sindhis, a majority of whom came to India from Pakistan after the Partition, have been a very misunderstood lot. We bring to you some enlightening facts that you might not know about the Sindhi community:

1. All surnames ending with -ani are not always Sindhi!

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Yup, agreed we have a lot of Sadhwanis, Gyanchandanis, Asnanis, Sawlanis and so on. But the fact is apart from this, Sindhi community also has last names like Chawla, Ahuja, Kukreja, Bhatia, Nagpal etc. If the ‘-ani’ thing was true then surely Joey Tribbiani from FRIENDS would also have been a Sindhi, right?

2. Not All Sindhis are Pakistanis

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Sindhis are often subjected to malicious statements like, “They are Pakistanis. They are intruders who are living in our country and are not contributing anything.” Yes, Sindhis did come from Sindh (duh!) which is in Pakistan, and that’s where our origins, ancestors and identities are. But we have come a long way from there. Pakistan has its own Hindu population and it can be said that most Pakistanis are Sindhis but hey, you cannot say that all Sindhis are Pakistanis.

3. Sindhi is not equal to Business

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Really? Well, Sindhis do have a knack for business and it’s running in their blood, but we are good at other things too! If all Sindhis had shops, then how come actress like Sangeeta Bijlani does not own one? The great singer Vishal Dadlani, how come he does not have a kirana store? How does an actor like Ranveer Singh Bhavnani even exist then? Sindhis are actors, writers and they are in every field. Yes, they are great in business but that’s not the only thing they do!

4. Sindhis and Punjabis are not at all the same!

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Just like Tamilians and Andhraites are not same, Marwaris and Jains are not same and Muslims and Gujaratis are not same, there’s a huge, huge difference between Punjabis and Sindhis! Yes, both communities do share the love for king-sized living and the women’s love for bling! But Sindhis and Punjabis are different because their origins, their culture and basically many other things.

5. Sindhis are not Papad fans


Sindhis don’t eat Papad with everything! We like Papad and but we don’t take it as a medicine day and night. Sindhi cuisine is rich and varied, and apart from the Sindhi Kadhi, it has Koki, Ghear and many more delicacies to offer. Papad is not an identity proof for being a Sindhi!

6. Sindhis are not Kanjus

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“Tu Sindhi hai na isliye kanjus Hai, Sindhi mat ban”, we often say or hear such things! Marwaris are also a victim to this stereotype. But is it wrong to practice frugality and keep a tab on where the hard-earned money is going? Not only that, we have made specific notions in our minds for every community and that is wrong! I mean, is every non-Sindhi in the world extravagant?

7. “Adeey Sai” and “Jai Jhulelal” are not the only things we say!

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Once again it’s a biiig No! Thanks to all Bollywood movies in which Sindhis are shown mouthing only these two lines,  this terribly wrong portrayal of Sindhis is unfortunately the most famous! Speaking of “Adeey Sai”, people are really confused between the pronunciation of “d” and “r”. “Jai Jhulelal” is meant to respect a god, just like other salutations made out of respect for someone!

8. Sindhis don’t have a typical accent

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If we go to Pakistan, Sindhis mainly speak Urdu as a language apart from Sindhi. But there are Sindhis even in Australia and they know how to speak English without having a typical tone or accent! Sindhis are in Hong Kong, Australia, India and speak as many languages as the places they live in, without a funny accent!

We hope you appreciate your Sindhi friends better after reading this. Share this with your Sindhi friends and show them some love!

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