Truth Behind Aamir Khan’s Body Transformation In ‘Dangal’

Due diligence or Steroids?

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Aamir Khan’s recent body transformation in ‘Dangal’ left everyone in awe of the actor. And the way he has buffed up his body from fat to fit was indeed inspiring. This is not the first time Aamir Khan has worked up extra hours in gym for his movies. In ‘Ghajini’, the star was seen sporting an immaculate body which set several trends in Bollywood. As a curious mind, we cannot help but wonder whether it really is possible to achieve such a great jacked up body in such a short duration.  

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In this video, Ranveer Allahbadia has convincingly analyzed the transformation of Aamir Khan over the period of his shooting for Dangal. It certainly does not add up, for an individual to get such huge muscle mass especially at the age of 51. Aamir certainly might have used different kinds of steroids to help expedite this process according to the demand of the role. Ranveer explained the relation of a male body to his testosterone and how with the ageing process the testosterone levels fall dramatically, thus halting the muscle building process.

Ranveer further explained this process by providing example of UFC fighter Vitor Belfort. Vitor was all jacked up with steroids and UFC would never take strict actions against these procedures. Later after UFC banned the use of such substances, there appeared a huge difference in his exterior physique. He related this example to Aamir Khan’s unreal transformation.

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Check out this video and decide for yourself:

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