Trump Promises A Complete Coverage From His Obamacare Replacement

Trump will have to cover a larger base in lesser cost in order to make his plan succeed if he plans to replace Obamacare.

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It has been no big secret that Republicans, and Present-elect Donald Trump in particular, are no fans of Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. Popularly called as Obamacare, Trump had mentioned quite a few times that he will repeal the Act once he gains access to the White House. Well, he might not be able to do everything he has said prior to the Elections, he came one step closer to repealing this act when he promised he will replace the Act with a better one "very quickly".

He told this in an interview to The Washingon Post and added that big companies will not have political protection to bend the Act to their will. As usual, he did not give any specifics as to how he was going to accomplish this as replacing the Act will need more coverage at less the cost. Obamacare, to date, as provided affordable healthcare insurance to some 20 million Americans but at the same time has failed to deliver on the promise of covering all bases.

News source: Cnn

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