Tripura CM Claims That Ducks Help In Increasing Oxygen Levels In Water

He even claimed that the ducks can enhance the fish population.

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Tripura Chief Minister Bipalb Kumar Deb is back to screw with our heads. After suggesting that civil engineers are best to take up civil services, the CM is now has another mind-screwing theory for us.

Deb was talking at Rudrasagar Lake on Monday during a traditional boat race programme. The CM said, the aquatic birds are important for the water bodies and as they swim they increase the level of oxygen in the water. He went on in his theory saying, “This rise in oxygen, in turn, makes the fish population increase.” 

‘I will have what he’s is having.’

Deb’s theory doesn’t end just there. Going on in his theory he claimed that if each family in the area holds five ducks, their children will reap benefits of additional protein and vitamin supplements.

He said, “Rearing hens and ducks was part of our rural culture. This culture was destroyed over the last 25 years.”

The CM’s theory though did not go well with the experts. Jyoti Prakash Roy Choudhury, a retired zoology professor said, “It may be possible to increase oxygen levels in water through machines, but claiming that ducks can enhance the fish population is unscientific.”

Ducks and Civil engineers are not the only victims of the Tripura CM. He has several such hypothesis. Once he claimed that the internet existed during the Mahabharata age, in another one he alleges Diana Hayden’s ineligibility to win the Miss World crown. He also says that Chinese traveller Hiuen Tsang was a journalist.

Information Source: hindustantimes

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