Tried Pav Bhaji? We Have 10 More Dishes To Make You Drool This Winter!

Each with its own taste and character.

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If you are Pav Bhaji fan and love these soft breads then we have good news for all the foodies! Pav bhaji is not the only dish you can eat with Pav! These cousins of burger are great snacks for everyone every time! Waiting on a bus stop or for your sudden hunger, best thing to eat at a railway station or the safest thing to try from a stall, we bring you 10 combo dishes with Pav that are a yummy for tummy always!

1. Dabeli

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Dabeli is very common in Gujarat and Maharashtra. This dish is often known for its sweet and tangy taste. The Dabeli filling is made of mashed potato roasted in butter and garnished with sev.

2. Manchurian Pav

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Yup! Read it right, these Manchurian Pav dishes are very common in Mumbai and Hyderabad and are ideal for people who love Chinese taste. It is a twist given to Pav Bhaji and is made with lot of spices.

3. Misal Pav

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Misal Pav is a signature dish of Western Maharashtra. It is served with Pav bread and is combined with two types of curries. One curry is spicy while other is special green curry which is known to be healthy for breakfast. Misal pav is one of the best things to try from street foods since they are topped with Sev and the curry is made from lentils, making up for a tasty as well as healthy option.

4. Bhajji Pav

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Bhajji Pav has a filling of cutlet which can be related to as an Indian cousin of hamburger! Bhajji has a filling of vegetable that is made into a cutlet and fried. Bhajji is also known as Pakoras and has various mouthwatering varients like Kanda (onion) Bhaji, Palak Bhajji, Mirchi Bhaji and also mix Bhajji.

5. Vada Pav

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Does it even need introduction? Vada Pav becomes favorite of all the first time eaters and remains so no matter how much you eat it! It is a popular staple food of all the people in big cities like Mumbai and Pune. Be it your breakfast, lunch, dinner or snacking time this food fits all the needs you can think of!

6. Bread Pakoda

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Bread Pakoda is deep fried and often eaten in breakfast or as evening snack. Bread Pakodas are served with sweet and spicy chutney. Generally it has a filling of mashed potatoes, dipped in flour and deep fried.

7. Masala Pav

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Looking for an evening snack with your Chai? We are sure this masala Pav can take the place without doing much! Masala Pav is also known for its Indian version of Salsa food that has spices and the filling is cooked and sautéed nicely which makes it a quick fix for meal.

8. Bhurji Pav

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“Bhurji” means scrambled eggs that are served with lots of spices that one can eat with Pav. If you are an egg lover you should surely try this combination of scrambled eggs and spices with Pav’s sweetness.

9. Samosa Pav

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No, you are not going to regret this combo! Just try it once! Samosa as a filling inside the Pav with dried red chili powder tastes really good and you should try it at least once.

10. Kheema Pav

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Although Kheema Pav is not easily available, once you find it just try it once! Since Kheema is served as filling inside the Pav, all the non veg eaters will surely like this little piece of heaven!

Tell us your different combo with Pav in the comments below!

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