Treks To Beat The Heat: Part 1 — Saurkundi Pass Trek

THIS summer, we are well on our way to beat all the records. At Nagpur, it’s already burning up at 47 degrees. We unravel the most amazing summer treks.

Saurkundi Pass Trek, Himalaya Trek, Kullu district of Himachal Pradesh, Babeli, Kullu valley

THIS summer, we are well on our way to beat all the records. At Nagpur, it’s already burning up at 47 degrees, but don’t worry! Nature has the solutions! Simply break down the city walls, escape out of the comfort zone, pack your bags and beat the heat with us. Hike the trails towards the beautiful snow-capped Himalayas in the northern region of India. We unravel the most amazing summer treks in a 3 part series. Yes! You read it right. It’s trekking in “The Himalayas” to beat the heat.


Saurkundi Pass Trek

The Saurkundi Pass Trek is a hiking trail in the Kullu district of Himachal Pradesh, a state of northern India. The trek is an 11-day program and participants hike every day during the period. The groups is of about 40 to 50 persons (children below the age of 15 years are not allowed). The trail starts at Babeli, the base camp, and passes through the scenic Kullu valley. One can enjoy many adventurous sports along the 11-day journey like rappelling, rock-climbing, river-crossing or snow-sliding which adds to the fun quotient.

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The trek encompass the Hora thach, Maylee thach, Daura thatch, Longa thach where one can have enchanting experience with the beautiful apple orchard spread across lush green hilly land. Thach means ‘Meadow’ in local language. So, the trail will give you an opportunity to explore the Himalayan meadows along with breathtaking view of the other mountains. Also, along the journey, you can meet the wonderful locals, who earns their bread & butter by farming and weaving wool.

Photo Credits: fb/shwetalalwaniphotography

Trek Camps:

1. Segli (7100 ft)
2. Haura Thatch (9000 ft)
3. Maylee Thatch ( 10,500 ft)
4. Doura Thatch (11,300 ft )
5. Saurkundi Pass (12,900 ft )
6. Longa Thatch ( 10,800 ft)
7. Lekhni (8100 ft)


Start Point: Manali
How to reach Manali: Manali is well connected to other cities by Railways and Roadways. One can avail bus, train or flight to reach Manali directly or via Delhi.
Maximum altitude: 3932m or 12900 ft
Challenge level: Moderate
Organized By: Youth Hostels Association of India and some other groups.
Best Time to visit: April-June and September-November.
Pro Tips: At higher altitude, level of oxygen reduces. So, be prepared both mentally and physically to adapt to the conditions and enjoy the experience.

Saurkundi Pass at 12900 ft

Our next part will cover the Sarpass trek, another Himalayan trek that offers a gamut of experiences to the nature lovers. Stay tuned!

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