Treating The Body And Entertaining The Heart: 8 Doctor Shows Prescribed For You

Indian TV Series show true fascination of varied life experiences. Out Of These, series on doctors displayed true art of emotional drama.

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We recently celebrated Doctors’ Day and that got me to thinking how thankful we are to our doctors who are our saviours in times of sickness. They work hard day in and day out, and hospitals can be a tiring place to work. However Indian television has had a different take on the life of doctors and has given us a peek into their lives - which is more of a bit of love, drama and tadka rather than doctoring. Here are eight shows that hailed doctors shot against the background of great hospitals!

1. Sanjivani (2002)

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First of its kind, it was a pioneer in showing the background of doctors and the exemplary work they do in a hospital. Rahul, Juhi, Simran and Omi were new promising interns dealing with the pressures of the profession and also with their families and emotions.

But it gave a House like doctor to India - Dr Shashank Gupta played by Mohanish Bahl.

2. Astitva (2002)


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It aired on Zee TV for about four years. Dr Simran, a gynecologist, embodied patience and dealt with suppression in a subtle way. Her role was a complex one where she was in love with a man 10 years younger to her. Again, a doctor’s personal story only!

3. Dhadkan (2004)

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The show premiered on Sony TV on February 4, 2002. By far the only show which stuck around to patients and operations the most. The concept was based on the American television series ER which ran on NBC. It saw great TV actors like Reema Lagoo, Ram Kapoor, Sushant Singh, Suresh Oberoi, Kishwar Merchant Hussain and more. Just the right amount of drama and intensity made Dhadkan a true winner on television.

4. Dill Mill Gayye (2007)

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It was a cult youth show with which Karan Singh Grover shot to fame for the uber cool role of Dr. Armaan Mallick. The show hardly had anything to do with real medical practice and was all about love, emotions and goodwill stories of doctors, interns, nurses and patients!

5. Kuch Toh Log Kahenge (2011)

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This show was loosely based on the Pakistani television drama Dhoop Kinare. Kritika Kamra made quite the name playing the bubbly new doctor, who is head over heels in love with the much elder chief doctor played by Mohanish Bahl and later by Sharad Kelkar.

Again, love story with just a hospital as backdrop!

6. Ayushmaan (2004)

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A unique concept was brought to Indian telly with a show that dealt with child geniuses.

Initially they stuck to the idea but later it became only a chronicle of his complicated family and love life!

7. Humari Sister Didi (2014)

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Aired on Sony Pal, the channel did not do well nor did the show. The focus was more on the troubles of the nurse and her sisters. And rest of the story revolved around the doctor she reported to and love that bloomed between them.

8. Zindagi Wins (2015)

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The  medical drama series that aired on channel Bindass is housed by the same production Cinevistaas Limited that ran the hit medical series Sanjivani and Dill Mill Gayye. Dr Alia, Dr. Malavika and Dr Ishaan search for medical excellence at Lifebeat Hospital in order to take it to greater heights and simultaneously deal with issues of their personal lives as well. Didn’t do very well, sadly.

Some doctors, Eh?

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