Travel Photo Story Of This Cat-Dog Duo Is Just Too Cute To Handle

Every travel photo of them unfolds a new aspect of their lovely relationship.

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While most of the dogs and cats are seen at loggerheads, only a few of them get into companionship and when they do, their level of cuteness just shoots up high!

The dog Henry and kitten Baloo live together with their owner Cynthia Bennett and leave no chance to go on an adventures hike. The more you scroll down, the more adorable they get.

Piggybacking and enjoying the site


Pony rides: the Henry + Baloo version ????

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Those puppy eyes amidst the yellow leaves


How could I not be eternally grateful for this handsome pup ????

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Embraced by their mom


Hi ????????I'm Cynthia ( @ourwildspirits ), Henry + Baloo's mom! I want to introduce myself with some fun facts. But first THANK YOU all for following our adventures! It means so much to us that so many people care about our little family that we are lucky enough to have ❤️ You all make this life possible for us + we are so grateful! • 1. I was THAT horse girl in school 2. I grew up in New Hampshire + Massachusetts 3. Birks + socks are my go-to (try not to judge ????) 4. One day I plan to have a farm with horses, cows, alpacas, pigs, goats (all pets of course) 5. I have asthma and Henry is always there encouraging me to live the life I want to live because life's too short not to. ????????

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Aww..! They are giving us major friendship goals.


Brotherly love ❤️ • Blanket - @allkupets Their blankets are amazingly soft and they are all hand cut making every one unique ????????

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Looking right up amongst the fallen leaves!


There is still a trace of Fall in Denver ???????? and yes I am that person who loves to wear socks with sandals.

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How cute can one look with that hood on?


that monday feeling

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Experiencing solitude in desert!

Cosiness beneath the blue comfort!

Wrapped around in warmth!

And you thought that the dog is wearing a headgear?


Our signature look: The Cat Hat

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