Travel Journals: These 25 Places Are So Bizarre and Brilliant That You Won’t Believe Their Existence!

Places that will make your jaw drop and eyes pop!

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When we set out on a journey, we get ourselves the tickets, we pack our essentials and we expect. Usually, when we set afoot to someplace new, we know what to expect. We set our imaginations on fire and we know what we will get to welcome throughout the journey.

Seldom does the expectations fail to stand out and leave us overwhelmed: either that we’re greeted with something extraordinarily unforgettable or that we are greeted with someplace that remind us about how great our imagination is. But either way, we are left startled.

That’s how startling travelling can get; but wait, what about those places you’ve never seen and never heard of? Here’s a list of such places like you’ve seen never before and which are enough to give you a travelgasm and fill up your places to visit before I die list:

25. Netherlands


24. New Zealand


23. Alaska


22. Arizona


21. Russia


20. Australia


19. France


18. China


17. Yuanyang 


16. Bolivia


15. Iceland


14. Japan


13. Vietnam


12. USA


11. Turkey


10. Belgium


9. USA


8. Mexico


7. Brazil


7. Germany


6. Maldives


5. USA


4. Australia


3. Brazil


3. Turkmenistan


2. Greece


1. Brazil


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RiYa Chawla (WRITER)

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