Aamir Khan’s ‘Dangal’ Trainer Bishnoi Says The Rumour Of Aamir Taking Steroids As Absurd

The rumour of Aamir Khan taking steroids to get fit in a record time has been denied by his trainer

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The rumour of Aamir Khan taking steroids to get fit in a minimum time for his role as a wrestler in his upcoming movie ‘Dangal’ spread like a wildfire. However, wrestler Kripa Shankar Bishnoi, who was training Aamir in wrestling for the movie, cleared the rumor and declared it as absurd.

Source: indianexpress

In an exclusive interview with The Indian Express, Bishnoi told that, “Steroids are banned medicines. The national anti-doping agency condemn the wrestlers who use steroids. Steroids destroy the human body. Aamir’s training did not involve any usage of steroids, it was all his painstaking efforts and a right diet. One’s fitness level depends on one’s fitness level and diet”.

Aamir’s other body trainer, Rahul Bhatt, also clarified that steroids were never used by him. He in fact challenged all the skeptics that he will make the best steroid in the world available to them and if they would achieve even half the body that Aamir has build, then he will train them for free.

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