Train Driver Holds Umbrella To Avoid Rainwater, Are You Listening Mr Suresh Prabhu?

No space to stand, holds umbrella while driving - this is the condition of Indian Railway’s train drivers!

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Every year when the monsoon hits the door our roads turn into rivers and huge potholes holding muddy rain water just force us to do Mario jumps. 

On railway tracks then, the situation is even worse. But we are not talking about potholes today.

Rrecently an eye-opener of a video went viral on social media showing a train driver holding an umbrella while driving the train.

This scary situation has been captured by an activist and journalist Sucheta Dalal (@suchetadalal) on her twitter handle (@suchetadalal).

The video features an Indian Railways (IR) engine with a faulty roof such that rain water was clearly leaking down into the engine compartment.

Source: India

The video reveals that the Railways employees were forced to cover the floor with newspapers and keep their bags on the counter to save it from water, and because of that the drivers have to remain standing to see the tracks.

“We have kept our bags on the driver’s desk because of which we have to stand to look outside. We have to stay alert all the time" .

According to the person who is speaking in the video, “This has been happening for years now and no steps have been taken to fix it.”

Other Twitterati have also jumped into the situation and also showed the concern that it is possible that the whistleblower, in this case, could lose their job or be penalised in some way or the other.





According to some reports, this video is from Dhanbad in Jharkhand. However, after all the discomfort the driver is still worried that the water may destroy his control panel, he even wipes the water which falls anywhere near the panel.

It is so disappointing to see such negligence by government authorities, may such videos interrupt their sleep!


Title Image: Twitter, Indianexpress

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