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The Rock music wave struck the Indian Subcontinent in the late 90's and yet it seems to have been slow on the is certainly hampering the growth

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The Rock music wave struck the Indian Subcontinent in the late 90's and yet it seems to have been slow on the uptake. A majority of people either don’t find it very appealing or it is too complex for masses to gauge and understand. Whatever be the case, it is certainly hampering the growth of the cult of Rock’n’Roll.

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Rock is not going to die out so easy because these guys are fighting tooth and nail against the wave of Bollywood and Electronic Dance Music to keep the Rock scene alive and well. Here are the top Rock bands the country has to offer with their signature tracks:

1. Sifar  (Delhi)

 Sifar hails from the capital city which is also home to stalwarts Indian Ocean and Parikrama. They formed back in 2008 and have been rocking the scene with their tracks ever since. They bring a whole new flavour to the rock music scene and boy are they good! They have sexy guitar solos, with creative desi lyrics and a whole lot of rock music behind it all. Sifar is one band you should not miss out on.

2. Indus Creed (Mumbai)

It takes a real rock fan to truly understand what a band like Indus Creed mean for the rock community of India. These guys are one the best bands in the nation with a lyrical and musical sense that has gone unnoticed and unmatched. It’s hard to fathom why these guys are still underrated because their top-notch songs and music speak volumes about their talent as a band. The band has been around since 1984 and they have seen their highs and lows. The band disbanded in 1997, it took more than a decade for this band to form again which happened in 2010.

3. Mother Jane (Kerala)

Why follow Mother Jane? The answer is in the song above. It is because of unique bands like these that Indian Rock music remains awesome and doesn’t slack down at all. It's a forever growing genre and quality bands like Mother Jane only crank it up many notches. This band formed back in 1996 and now the band is focusing on their new album which is going to be out soon. 20 years of Mother Jane and they are still going strong.

4. Indian Ocean (Delhi)

True to their roots, the band plays surreal music with Hindi lyrics that will touch your soul. Indian Ocean is undoubtedly one of  the legendary top bands of the country and we are proud that bands like these are still in the fray showcasing what rock music is truly about. Indian Ocean has been around since 1990 and they have truly rejuvenated the Indian Rock scene.  Rock on Indian Ocean, let your music reach out to the masses!

5. Parikrama (Delhi)

One of the oldest and finest rock band the land has to offer, The band Parikrama can only be associated with the word legend. Their smooth-as-silk musical arrangements are enough to make a fan out of anybody. Parikrama is by far the best embodiment of rock and roll music and these guys deliver it better than any other band in India. If you aren’t much of a rock music fan and wish to start exploring then start with Parikrama. They have been around since 1991 and they are not going stop, this goliath of Parikrama can’t be put to rest.

6. Avial (Kerala)

You don’t need to know the tongue to understand whether the song is good or not. The song and the music will speak for itself. Avial captures the heart, soul and the whole persona of rock really well. Just one of their songs is enough to make you fall in love with them. Relatively new as compared to others, Avial formed in 2003 and look how fast they became the kings of Indian rock music.

We have only included signature tracks of each band in this list. Got any other favourites? Let us know!

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