8 Times ‘Casting Couch With Amey And Nipun’ Season 1 Took Roasting To New, Hilarious Levels

The Marathi web series by Bharatiya Digital Party returns for a second season this week.

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Bharatiya Digital Party's web series Casting Couch with Amey and Nipun entertained audiences with a fresh brand of comedy last year. Amey Wagh and Nipun Dharmadhikari resorted to 'undercover' auditioning of Marathi film stars for their new project. Their guerilla tactics, however, went awry more often than not.

As we wait for the second season of this series to hit YouTube soon, here are some of the most hilarious moments from last season. Warning: Watching this at work may lead to breathlessness, violent outbursts of laughter and possible loss of employment.

1. When Radhika Apte had the perfect response for Amey’s 'intelligent' jokes.

2. When Amey channeled Shah Rukh Khan before Shriya Pilgaonkar in all his desperation.

3. When Swanandi Tikekar, Sakhi Gokhale and Pooja Thombre owned the couch!

But getting burned by Swanandi wasn't enough so...

4. When Amey and Nipun were roasted by the entire team of Sairat, one vulnerability at a time.

5. When the duo gave each other better birthday presents than Priya Bapat ever received.

6. When the cycle of rejection continued, this time with Reema.

7. When Sai Tamhankar received some classy epithets, as well as a script for ‘Sasarchi Bikini’.

8. And when there were such punny jokes that Mahesh Manjrekar (almost) signed a contract with Amey and Nipun.

It has been an amazing, amazing season, and we can't wait for Season 2 to begin! Meanwhile, you can have a recap marathon of season 1 here - 

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