Too Much Of A Chocolate Person? Welcome To The World Of Chocolate!

You eat chocolate, you breathe chocolate, and you live chocolate! The world celebrates World Chocolates Day

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You eat chocolate, you breathe chocolate, and you live chocolate! The world celebrates World Chocolates Day for just a day in July but every day is chocolates day for you if you are a hard core chocolate fanatic.

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1. Chocolate ice-cream

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While others are busy choosing what flavor to go with at the ice cream parlour, you are half done eating your Chocolate Brownie Fudge because you waste no time in deciding and sometimes even the shopkeeper knows that.

2. Chocolate Diet

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You tell everybody that you are on a strict diet and plan to lose weight but when they catch you with a bar of Bournville you run the excuse that “Hey! It’s dark chocolate, good for health.”

3. Chocolate Apple

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Your version of ‘An apple a day keeps the doctor away’ is ‘A chocolate a day keeps illness away’ because you cannot live without chocolates at all.

4. Chocolate Gifts

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While people make a list of what gifts to get for others you are a simpleton who can easily be made happy buy just a box of chocolates. Those Cadbury ads in Rakhi and Diwali are specially made for you.

5. Chocolate Flying

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For you the best part of flying abroad is the exotic range of chocolates provided on board and the assorted chocolates which are often found only on airports.

6. Chocolate Heroes

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No wonder they call them Chocolate boy heroes. You naturally like actors and stars who endorse chocolate brands.

7. Chocolate anthem

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I can read your lips… on your finger tips… I can read your smile… Songs which have chocolate in it make you swoon and dance! Charlie and the chocolate factory is your favourite movie! LOL.

8. Chocolate Anger

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Whenever you are angry at someone be it your boyfriend or sibling they always get an easy way out of the trouble by pacifying you with your favourite chocolate. Also when you are depressed or sad, chocolate is the only agony aunt who comes to your rescue.

9. Chocolate Bribe

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When someone wants you to do something under the table, all they have to do is slide in a basket of Ferrorro Rocher or Toblerone to get things done.

10. Chocolate Fridge

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Your refrigerator is stacked with chocolate goods. MnMs, Snicker Bars, Hershey’s syrup and Nutella are permanent residents of your fridge.

11. Chocolate Joey

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Like Joey from FRIENDS you are crazy about chocolate and do not like to share any of it.

12. Chocolate Studies

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You keep reading about chocolate, what dishes can be made from them and know everything there is to know about the love of your life.

13. Chocolate Everything

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Right from chocolate sandwiches to chocolate pastries to dipping cones in chocolate sauce, you feel that chocolates should be a part of all entrees, appetizers and desserts too.

Having chocolate cravings eh?

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