Hollywood Star Tony Goldwyn Reveals That He Was Sexually Harassed In The Industry!

He was asked about his show of support for Hollywood actress Lupita Nyong’o.

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‘The Last Samurai’ star Tony Goldwyn recently disclosed that he was sexually harassed when he was a young actor.

Goldwyn revealed the details while being interviewed for ‘Access Hollywood’ on the red carpet of the GLSEN Respect Awards, on Monday night.

He was asked about his show of support for Hollywood actress Lupita Nyong’o by the reporter. The actress had opened up about her sexual assault by Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein recently. Lupita is one of the 40 women who has charged Weinstein with sexual wrongdoings.

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Speaking to ‘Access Hollywood’, Goldwyn said, “This is about awareness … this is not a new thing.”

“It’s something that we all need to take responsibility for. The predators in our society and the abusers and the harassers are a small portion of men. But as a man, I feel that me and my brothers need to step up and let women know that we’ve got their backs,” he added.

Goldwyn then went on to talk about how as a young actor, he too faced a sexual violation.

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“It happened to me as a young guy, when I was literally in Lupita’s age… my last year of acting school. It happened to me by a man and it wasn’t as extended and awful as what Lupita went through, but it was the same thing,” he said.

“It was the casting couch, and I didn’t understand quite what was going on. I thought it was my fault. I thought I was misunderstanding the situation.”

He, however, did not disclose the name of the people behind the misdemeanour. He further added that he did not comprehend the situation until it was over.

Goldwyn said, “It took me a couple of years to get over it. It was similar in that I got out of the situation.”

“For a woman, it’s something that women have to deal with in every situation in every industry with powerful men,” he said while signing off.

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