#LifeHack: 8 Tips For You To Stop Struggling With Overthinking

We would like to share some simple tips which can help you control your thoughts and lead a positive life.

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Many of you must have been in a state where you are in a constant anguish and are unable to avoid the distressing thoughts.  

While everyone faces this at some point or the other but some miserably fail to calm the storms down! Half of their time is occupied by ruminating, worrying and stressing over their little problems.

Well, it is hard to command your brain not to overanalyze or stress over every detail. So we would like to share some simple tips which can help you control your thoughts and lead a positive life.

Acknowledge Your Thoughts

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Pay keen attention to the patterns of your thoughts. Analysing will help you understand which events are replying in your mind repetitively. It'll also make you aware of the things you cannot control which is the first step to end overthinking?

Replace The Negative Thoughts

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Before you draw conclusions on your own about things like - calling in sick is going to get you fired, or that forgetting one deadline will make you homeless. Stop and comprehend that may be exaggeratedly negative. Try to replace these thoughts with positive outcomes.

The Reflection Therapy

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Instead of ranting and thinking about your problems all day, give yourself 20 minutes of “Thinking/worrying time”. During this time, let yourself worry, ruminate, or mull over whatever you want. When the time is up turn to something positive and productive.

Be Active

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Exercise! Exercise! Exercise!

Keeping yourself busy is the best way to channel your thoughts. Yoga, meditation, exercising can help your mind rejuvenate and will help you gain a lot of positive energy. It will help you get good sleep which will give your mind the rest it needs.

Be Courageous And Confront

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Conflicts with your loved ones can be stressful and tiring which makes you overthink.

For example, if someone close to you  does something you consider hurtful, but you don’t discuss the issue with that person, it will arise many negative thoughts. So to avoid it, it’s better to address the issue and confront that person.

Forgive And Forget Should Be Your Mantra

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You will find bullies and people who mistreat in every corner. Being treated undesirably leads people to suppress and repress anger toward other people. Forgiving will give you ultimate peace of mind and will improve your mood.

Give An Ear To Other’s Problem

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Don’t let your problems consume you. You will become habitual to living in your own world, which is quite dangerous. Sometimes the put your own issue aside and and listen to another person’s problems. It will widen your perspective, might help to gain a different point of view towards your own problems.

Share Stuff, But Do Not Vent!

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Seeking the solutions alone will confine your perspective, decisions and mental filters. It’s always a good to share your issues with your loved ones. Talk to them, consider and work on their advice.

After all a  little help is never bad! Last but not the least, Just be you! 

Information source: tinybuddha, psychologytoday

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