This Sand Artist Is Transforming Beaches Into A Beautiful Painting

Tim has always been fascinated by drawings, street art and other creative people and was always inclined towards drawing and painting.

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So far the only creative thing I would have done on the beaches was making sand castles. While we love to relax on the beach, there are people who just love to get adventurous with the tides. But how often do we find people who do things that seem to be very extraordinary and fascinating?

Tim Hoekstra belongs to the clan of those extraordinary people, who at any given point of time, can paint a boring-looking beach into a beautiful canvas stretched over the bank.

Tim owns a facebook page called- Dutch Beach Art and says-

I love to work on a large-scale using the environment as a canvas.

Below listed are the glimpses of his brilliant work:

Yin and Yang encircled symmetrically-

The perfect geometry-

The sun just rose, twice-

Design with a spiritual twist-

The huge mandala-

An octopus with seven tentacles-

The ripples that made their own way-

Hidden is a grumpy tribal man-

Playing with the typography-

The sand got bubbled up-

All images sourced from facebook.


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