Disclosing A New Detail, Tim Cook Says All Apple Employees Get Standing Desks

'Sitting is the new cancer,' says Tim Cook.

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Everything inside the new Apple Park is a big secret. And the only place in the new ‘space-ship’ headquarters open to the public is the Apple Store.

One detail though about the inside of the headquarters has been revealed by the Apple CEO Tim Cook.

The Apple CEO has revealed that all the employees get a standing desk.

In an interview on Wednesday with David Rubenstein of the Carlyle Group’s, Tim said, “We have given all of our employees, 100%, standing desks. If you can stand for a while, then sit, and so on and so forth, it's much better for your lifestyle."

Quoting some doctors, Tim said, “Sitting is the new cancer.”

 After that, Tim asked the billionaire financier to stand with him just like a prominent feature on the Apple Watch.

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In 2015 at a Goldman Sachs conference, Tim said, "We have a lot of people using the Apple Watch at Apple, and ten minutes before the hour, suddenly they all get up and move. It took a little to get used to, but it's great.”

The new headquarters which costs over $5 billion, has standing desks that are only one of the many good extras that the Apple employees receive.

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There are on-campus ‘cafe macs’ cafeterias which use the fruits from the trees planted in the campus. An on-campus satellite service is also available to take workers to satellite offices and to a 10 minutes away old headquarters. The campus also offers a huge gym.

The Apple Park is built in a way such that the large glass building blurs the carefully constructed campus outside.

The furniture has been hand-selected. The desk chairs that cost $1200 has been made by Vitra. Chairs designed by Nauto Fukasawa which cost $2500 are placed in Common areas and cafes. Also placed are custom made 18-foot long oak tables. Questions about a specific model of the standing desks were avoided by Apple.

The reason why Apple invests so much on the building and its amenities is so that it hires highly paid software developers and tech workers who have other job opportunities but would choose to stay and work in an architectural beauty.

In the interview with Rubenstein, Tim said, "Steve [Jobs] had the vision that the workplace should facilitate people working together … having these common areas that people could work together and run into each other without planning on doing it … and that the level of ideas and creativity and innovation that would come out of that would be phenomenal. And we are seeing that."

Information Source: Businessinsider

Title Image Source: Businessinsider 

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