Now That Tiger Shroff Will Be Indian Rambo, We Predicted His Reactions In These Classic Rambo Scenes

Tiger Shroff will be the Indian counterpart to Sylvester Stallone in his most iconic role.

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We are not surprised by the news of Tiger Shroff being cast in the Indian version of the Sylvester Stallone classic Rambo. Given the abs , the moves and grooves as well as his mastery in martial arts, we almost saw it coming. 

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Well, now that the cat is out of the bag, we couldn't stop ourselves from predicting Tiger's reaction in a few classic scenes from the original Rambo and here is how it goes:


Hamid: What's that?

Rambo: It's blue light.

Hamid: What does It do?

Rambo: It turns blue.


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Colonel Trautman: I am sorry I got you into this , Johnny.

Rambo: No you are not.


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Colonel Trautman: Can you fly that helicopter?

Rambo: Lets find out.



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Sarah: I don't know what to say.

Rambo: Then you shouldn't say anything, should you? 


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Rambo: To survive a war , you gotta be a war.


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Rambo: When you are pushed, killing's as easy as..... DANCING.


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