‘Thunderstorm Asthma’ - A Storm That Wrecked Havoc In Melbourne By Triggering Asthma Outbreaks!

Asthma outbreak in Melbourne due to a thunderstorm!

Thunderstorm Asthma, Melbourne, Australia, Outbreak, Storm, Rye Pollen

In one of the most bizarre and shocking incident of recent times, hundreds of people in Melbourne, Australia are facing breathing problems due to ‘Thunderstorm Asthma’, a storm that hit the city late on Monday Local Time. The trigger for this outbreak was reportedly an extreme level of rye grass pollen particles in air, whipped up by strong winds. These particles are very much capable of penetrating deep into people’s lungs and trigger asthma attacks.

Source: telegraph

Paramedics and ambulances had to rush in to follow calls during this emergency. It is believed that Ambulance Victoria apparently had to take 1,870 high priority calls during this incident which is around 6 times more than the daily average, and at least 30 people are reported to be in intensive care unit. Almost 200 calls were directly linked to Asthma, but around 600 reported issues with respiration.

Source: businessinsider

Asthma Victoria Chief Robin said, "A person who has an allergic response to that particular pollen, because it's so small, it will get into the lungs."  People in Melbourne suffering allergies and particularly from rye pollen faced severe issues due to this outbreak. Moreover, the current spring season is creating havoc for hay fever and asthma sufferers.

People who are suffering from asthma triggered by pollen have been advised to take their prescribed asthma medications to treat and prevent their symptoms.

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