Thomas-The Wildfire Becomes The Third-Largest Wildfire In California

8,300 firefighters, 29 helicopters, and 77 bulldozers are tackling the fire.

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A major fire broke out on Saturday morning in the state of California which later spread across the land of 259,000 acres.

With the level of destruction that it has caused, Thomas the wildfire became the biggest single fire in the history of California.

Thousands of additional residents were evacuated Saturday from areas near the Thomas Fire. It is now the third-largest wildfire in modern California history.

The blaze started off 12 days back and the fire even killed a firefighter and a woman.

While the sudden- unfortunate massive fire pushed the lives of many in danger, the rescue team managed to evacuate thousands of additional residents staying in the proximity.

It is alleged that more than 1000 structures including 750 homes were destroyed in the coastal communities of South California.

Thomas being the third largest, the current record holder when it comes to wildfire is the Cedar Fire of 2003. This particular fire killed 15 people and was spread over 273,000 acres in San Diego.

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Information source: cnbc, cnn

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